Pump Rebuilding

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Pump Rebuilding

Improve pump reliability, extend pump life, and reduce costs!

mwi-pump-repair-lineshaft-4In 1983, MWI purchased the Grant, Florida division of the Allis-Chambers Corporation, formerly known as the Couch Pump Company. Recognizing Couch’s rich history and loyal customer base, MWI re-established the Couch brand name on all of the facilities and equipment at Grant. To thousands of customers, the Couch name was synonymous with quality. Currently, over 8,000 Couch pumps are successfully operating today.

When MWI rebuilds a pump, it goes through extensive process control procedures, material inspections, and is reviewed by engineers at each step of the process. MWI prides itself on the fact that 75% of pumps operating in Southeast region of the United States were either developed by MWI Pumps, or one of the company’s subsidiaries. This puts MWI as the forerunner in understanding how these pumps were built and how they should be repaired for optimal performance. All of our services are carried out by an experienced team dedicated to increasing the life and performance of your pump.

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