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Combating water to goes above the water limit in an area

5 Ways Municipalities Can Prepare for Floods

FEMA can foot some of the bill for your community’s proactive safety measures. The next flood could happen tomorrow. The cause might be natural or man-made. They can develop slowly, or overwhelm a community in just minutes. Are you prepared? Floods rank only behind tornadoes as the top natural disaster for property damage and lost…
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Flood Management

  Municipalities often play a role in crisis situations. Here are three ways they control floodwaters during unfortunate events. Floodwaters are often the result of a force of nature. Technology helps prevent and reduce the damage of heavy water movement. It’s easy to think that all a municipality needs is an army of good pumps to…
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MWI is turning 90

MWI Iron Works would eventually develop into MWI Pumps. 1926-2016: MWI’s 90th year anniversary After being founded by Hoyt Eller in 1926, MWI is now looking forward to its 90th year anniversary in the water pump industry. The company was and is still a family run business with the fourth generation of engineers currently running…
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Getting to Dry Land

  Big construction and unforeseen water obstacles don’t mix well. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right pump for the job. Move that water out of the way. It’s often the first thing that that needs to be done on construction sites, or after an area is flooded because of a natural event like…
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