Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint Dewatering is a process that lowers groundwater levels to create a stable working environment for construction areas and are specifically suited for dewatering weak foundations and trenches. This method is capable of dealing with a wide variety of ground conditions, mainly suited for unsettled or unstable ground. A wellpoint system operates using evenly spaced small-diameter shallow wells. The wellpoints are connected to a main pipe and are pumped out of the ground with a high-efficiency water pump.

Using jetting tubes and a water pump, wellpoint dewatering is a fast and cost effective method of decreasing groundwater in an area. MWI’s Rotoflo™ is perfect for wellpoint applications. Our pumps come with a filtering system that cleans and discharges water, making it safe to move to another location, whether it be into the sewer system or into the an adjacent body of water.



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