Water Infrastructure Security

Water Infrastructure Security


Water Infrastructure Security is the application of securing or protecting a water system, such as a river, canal, lake, aquifer, surface water, drinking water, water tower, or a water tank, from contamination or sabotage. Infrastructure Security deals with protecting important and critical structures in a community, society, or city. The structures can be highways, power plants, transportation services, financial services, and security services.

MWI has many ways that we can assist customers with the development of a plan if vital water infrastructure is compromised and the solution requires pumps. This can include anything from the supply of emergency pumps, back-up systems, pumping water from alternative sources, repairing damaged pumping equipment,  to having back up pumps pre-engineered and approved ahead of time, in the event an emergency requires pumping water from alternative sources.

Take Hurricane Katrina in 2006 for example. New Orleans, Louisiana was flooded and the levee system, in which to keep the water out, broke down. MWI was hired to combat the flood and restructure the levee system to bring New Orleans back to normal.


Hydraflo™ set up to pump water back in the ocean from a flooded neighborhood.


Millions of gallons of water being pumped out of a residential area in New Orleans.


Hydraflo™ pumps being used to move water through the canal in 17th street. New Orleans.


17th Street Canal in New Orleans, Louisiana.



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