Flood Control

Flood Control

Flood Control is vitally important to any society. It is the process of preventing and reducing the possibility or long term effects of heavy water movement. Floods can happen by mother natures terms, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, high tide, or severe rainfall from tropical storms. To combat floods, dams, levees, and flood barriers are used to stop water from moving any further. Sometimes temporary measures are used with sandbags, bunds, or aquafences until a permanent solution can be determined.

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MWI has helped with flood control all over the world by reconstructing failed flood prevention systems and producing or updating new systems that didn’t exist in countries in need of one. The most famous would be New Orleans after the events of Hurricane Katrina, where the entire city needed to be dewatered and the levee system had to be redesigned and restructured.

Our products needed to help flood control and prevent flash floods are listed on our products page as well as our rental service page.


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