Construction Dewatering

Construction Dewatering

Construction Dewatering is the removal of groundwater at a construction site before the foundations of a building are placed or finalized. In construction projects, water in trenches, excavations, places with inadequate slope, or high water levels should be removed to provide a safe workplace and environment. Normally, builders tend to use water pumps to dewater these areas but are not prepared, know where, or how to discharge the water properly, causing erosion and other problems. We set up the equipment and are willing to provide assistance if needed.

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MWI uses submersible pumps, trash pumps, wellpoint systems, and more in order to drain the designated area quickly and efficiently. It is important to follow best management practices when water is being pumped to lakes, wetlands or directly to storm sewer inlets.rotoflo-dewatering

If you need more information, want to order a pump, or need assistance, contact us now.


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