Large Volume Propeller Pump


Axial Flow & Mixed Flow

Lineshaft pumps are traditional pumps that connect the impeller to the drive by means of a long shaft. They are typically driven by diesel or electric motors that can be connected by utilizing a belt and pulley, gear or direct coupling. MWI’s lineshaft pumps are offered with both higher-head mixed flow impellers and low-head axial flow impellers.

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Axial and mixed flow pumps that are a tried and true, dependable technology which will meet your needs for high-volume, low head pumping such as flood control, drainage,  irrigation, and other similar requirements. The Lineshaft’s dimensions will depend on installation requirements with a up to 3 meters diameter or more. MWI offers custom specs for job sites reacquiring a Lineshaft as this pump can specifically be installed in a multitude of ways and configurations. They are available in 8″ – 144″(0.2 m – 3.7 m) diameters with capacities up to 800,000 GPM(50.5 m3/s).

Lineshaft pumps are the most efficient technology yet devised for pumping large quantities of water. MWI is a master designer and constructor of lineshaft pumps with decades of experience and thousands of pumps in use in critical applications where failure is not an option. Our pumps are simple, very robust and extremely dependable. They are fabricated from corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel or cast iron to meet any pumping need.


Multiple installations and configurations for the Lineshaft.

mwi lineshaft water transfer water pump red bluff

The Lineshaft pump is ideal for wherever pumping massive amounts of water is needed.


  1. Shaft & Bearings: Shafts are made from high tensile strength polished alloy steel shafting that is stress relieved, turned, and ground . The lower areas of the shaft that are in contact with bearings or seals are inlayed with hardened stainless steel. The shaft is enclosed in a sealed, oil filled tube. The tube contains bronze bearings spaced to prevent operation of the shaft near its critical speed.
  2. Column & Elbow: The discharge and elbow are manufactured from corrosion resistant ASTM A242 steel. the discharge elbow has multiple segments to allow for smooth and efficient flow. The elbow terminates with a flange and is also available with a plain or grooved end to accommodate compression type couplings.
  3. Pump Bowl: The pump bowl is designed to maintain the highest possible hydraulic efficiency. Because the bowl absorbs much of the hydraulic and mechanical stress, its heavy duty design features corrosion resistant ASTM A242 steel. Bowls can also be made from CAST iron or Stainless Steel.
  4. One-Piece Pump: Simplicity of design is the hallmark of the MWI Couch one-piece pump. While using the same high efficiency hydraulic design common to all MWI Couch pumps, the one-piece pump features major components permanently welded together to form a rigid, factory aligned unit. Critical alignment of the bearings in the shaft enclosing tube is maintained by support spiders welded to the pump column and hood, and the unique stepped design of the bearings allows easy replacement with a minimum of pump disassembly.
  5. Jointed Pump: The MWI Couch jointed pump allows for complete disassembly of most pump components. The pump bowl is flanged to the column. Pump shaft bearings are threaded in shaft enclosing tube sections.
  6. Mixed Flow Bowl: For higher head applications the mixed flow bowl provides the highest pumping efficiency. Mixed flow bowls come standard with a throttle bearing and pressure reliefs vent to reduce the hydraulic pressure on the lower seals, thus increasing the life of the seals. A replaceable impeller bowl section available as an option.
  7. Thrust Bearings: Where the pump is required to carry the hydraulic thrust load, the shaft is supported by heavy duty, duplex mounted angular contact ball bearings designed for a combination of thrust and radial loads and a minimum L`0 life of 20,000 hours(higher life hours are available).
  8. Thrust Bearing Housing: For belt drive applications, a thrust bearing housing at the top of the pump, carries the radial load at the closest possible point to the load. A convenient lubrication port and vent are provided to add new grease and purge old grease from the bearings.
Our pumps are extensively tested and continually refined based on experience and feedback from customers. Due to continual improvement of our products, we reserve the right to change designs and specifications.