Submersible Hydraulic Trash Pump


The DuraFlo™ hydraulic submersible trash pumps coupled with their diesel or electric drive units are an unbeatable combination for: drying out construction excavations, quarry dewatering, bypassing, sewage, and general municipal use an industrial work.

For the past 45 years, MWI has led every major technological breakthrough in hydraulically driven water pumps. With the best combination of ruggedness, reliability, performance, operational costs and initial price, DuraFlo™ never quits positively affecting your success and bottom line. These units are designed and manufactured for the toughest environments. They will run all day and all night and keep pumping.

The DuraFlo™ is the strongest, most rugged and reliable hydraulic-submersible trash pump on the market. These extra heavy-duty pumps are built with the muscle and strength to handle the most difficult pumping jobs. They are battle tested in rental and contractor operations for environments where pumps must perform in mines, on job sites, in sewage bypass operations and for industrial applications. MWI invented and patented the hydraulically-driven axial and mixed flow pumps and we bought the company, Sloan Pumps, which invented and patented the hydraulically driven trash pumps. MWI has a wealth of experience building these pumps and they are in use all over the world. Want the best; buy from the best.



  1. Available in various sizes from 4” to 12” pumps. 1,400 to 6,000 GPM power capacity.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Inherently biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Compatible with Silent Partner™ for sensitive areas.
  3. Skid mounted or trailed mounted unit with optional fenders, DOT light kit and braking system. Drive units and pumps can be separated for great flexibility in installation and operation.
  4. Engine and hydraulic System: with control panel, pump, filters, tank and gauges. Auto start/stop panel is available with floats.
  5. Reliable and efficient: Pump that runs dry indefinitely with a small hydraulic tank to reduce fluid replacement costs.
  6. Affordable Spare Parts: We stock and sell spare parts that are reasonably priced.
  7. Open 3 bladed impeller: For handling solids up to 3″.
  8. Oil lubricated seals: Cast steel volute that is weldable and shock proof.
Our pumps are extensively tested and continually refined based on experience and feedback from customers. Due to continual improvement of our products, we reserve the right to change designs and specifications.