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Fixing or repair of damaged equipment. Covers our products, but is not limited to pumps.

S-13 Pump Replacement

Pump Repair and Replacement S-13 Tamarac Pump Replacement On July 7, 2014 The City of Tamarac awarded Moving Water Industries (MWI) a project that consists of repairing and converting seven large axial flow storm drainage pumps from oil lubrication to water. Water lubrication is an alternative to oil lubrication. It is the safest way to…
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Brand X

In another successful refurbishment and repair project, MWI Pumps worked with a local water management agency to repair a brand new, but dysfunctional pump. The pump, which was used in flood control for an orange grove, was recently purchased brand new by the client. The client ran “Brand X” pump for a few hours and the…
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Water District Pump Repair

MWI Pumps handles many clients across the U.S., and when a water district approached MWI to repair a continually failing pump, the team jumped at the chance to solve the problem. The client had a pump used to pump water into a reservoir for cleaning before it went back into the main system and one…
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MWI Pumps Invests in Robust Machinery for Vero Beach Repair Division

Vero Beach, Florida MWI Pumps, a leading manufacturer and full service provider of high-volume water pumps and solutions, recently invested in new robust equipment for their Vero Beach Repair Division. The company purchased a King 72 Inch Vertical Mill. This powerful machine will now allow the Vero Beach Repair Division of MWI to overhaul pumps…
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