Large Water Pumps


With our patented designs, combined with an almost century-old track record of durability, outstanding customer service, and continuous product support, Moving Water Industries stands as one of the longest lasting water pump companies in the world. Over the years, MWI has taken on many difficult jobs and always delivered.

Let our certified engineers, friendly representatives, and continued and admired achievements help you with your water problems today. We provide assistance, knowledge, experience, and service to several different dewatering and construction applications.


Construction Dewatering

Construction Dewatering is the removal of groundwater at a construction site before the foundations of a building are placed or finalized. In construction projects, water in trenches, excavations, places with inadequate slope, or high water levels should be removed to provide a safe workplace and environment.

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Flood Control

Flood Control is vitally important to any society. It is the process of preventing and reducing the possibility or long term effects of heavy water movement. Floods can happen by mother natures terms, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, high tide, or severe rainfall from tropical storms.

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Water Transfer

Water transfer is a process that diverts water from rivers, oceans, canals or other bodies of water with a overflow of water to be diverted to another area with lower water levels or ones that have none at all. This is to help struggling environments that have low water levels.

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By-pass Pumping

Bypass Pumping is a temporary solution that operates a sewage treatment system while it is being replaced or repaired. The reason for bypass pumping can be from massive storm water that overflows the sewers, leaky pipes, clogged pipes, replacement operations, or for nearby construction.

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Water Infrastructure Security

Water Infrastructure Security is the application of securing or protecting a water system, such as a river, canal, lake, aquifer, surface water, drinking water, water tower, or a water tank, from contamination or sabotage. Infrastructure Security deals with protecting important and critical structures in a community, society, or city.

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Emergency Pumping

MWI Pumps offers 24-hour emergency service on all of our pump systems. We have a complete in-house repair facility, so you can rest assured that your equipment will be fixed correctly. Backup pumps are always available. Emergency services cover sewer bypass, water infrastructure security, pump station repairs, flood control, irrigation, and more.

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